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Cancellation policy: We offer a 2-day cancellation policy for bookings involving fewer than 3 rooms. The 2-day period commences from 2pm of the booking date. For example, a single-room booking that is cancelled 2 days prior to arrival will receive a full refund.


For bookings that involve 3 rooms or more, the cancellation policy is 2 weeks. Non-compliance with the policy will result in a payment of one night per room, including individual cancellations for group bookings. Single date changes are permitted, subject to availability. The difference in the rates will be payable/refunded. No cancellation is allowed after the date change is granted. 

Payment policy: Upon booking on our website, payment will immediately be deducted from the guest bank account.

Please contact the Resort on 1300 525 323 for a refund if your booking satisfies the cancellation policy. 

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